The Brit List 2018 celebrates UK writing talent

The Brit List 2018, which identifies the best unproduced film scripts from UK writing talent as identified by industry, has been published.

Successful writers were announced in London at an event with producers and agents, supported by ScreenSkills.

More than 90 companies from across the UK film industry were invited to participate in recommending scripts they regarded as being worthy of development. Of 134 titles put forward, 18 received the minimum number of votes to make it on the list.

Seventy films have been made from names on the list since it was established by Alexandra Arlango in 2008. They have taken $1.7 billion at the box office and won six Oscars and nine Baftas.

In future years, the list will alternative between scripts for television and for film, with the next film list in 2020. To discover the names of the writers on this year’s list, visit the Brit List website.

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