3D motion designer Dominic Spall

Dominic Spall, born and based in Chester, always knew he wanted to work as a 3D motion designer. A ScreenSkills Select endorsed degree in animation at Edge Hill University seemed a good step towards realising that ambition.

“I applied for the animation course because it seemed like the modules covered a broad range of things relevant to animation, from practical workloads to the history of animation and animation in the cinema,” he says.

The combination of theoretical and practical work offered as part of the degree proved perfect for Dominic. “The course was a good experience,” he says. “I gained a lot of valuable information and got a good insight into the inner workings of the industry.”

During his time on the course, he had access to a great deal of good opportunities. “I contributed to an art installation that was on display in the Tate Liverpool and worked on an animation for a film festival in Portugal with students from the University of Lisbon.”

Now graduated, Dominic combines a freelance career as 3D motion designer with a job as creative designer. While he admits that his job can at times be quite stressful - especially when working to a tight deadline - he also enjoys the rush that comes with that. “I’m very lucky to love most aspects of my job. I find the problem-solving aspect of doing 3D work very enjoyable.”

Since leaving university he's worked on a variety of projects, including music videos and an advertising campaign featuring a 3D animated snake for BBC iPlayer’s Endless Attenborough boxset. He also found out first-hand how sharing work online can really get your name out there, when a project he created for fun was picked up by YouTuber Pewdiepie. “As a designer your portfolio is everything,” he says. “Sharing it online on platforms such as Instagram and Artstation is the way to get recognition and clients.”

He also recommends people with an interest in animation to find out which specific part of field appeals to them. “Find out what path you want go down, 3D, 2D or stop motion,” he advises. “It can help to look up other artists on social media to see what they are making. And get involved in Facebook groups so you can ask questions and share your work. It’s a great way of learning.”

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