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Since its inception in 2021, the Unscripted TV Skills Fund has invested in a wide suite of training programmes to address industry skill shortages that have been identified as a priority by the unscripted TV industry through our research and by employers on the Unscripted TV Skills Council and industry working groups.

Compiled here, for your convenience when on the lookout for the best new talent, are the profiles for alumni of completed training programmes to date.

On their profiles, you’ll be able to find out more about them including their CVs (with contact details), the regions they are available to work and other training they have completed.

Development researcher – 21/22

Delivered by Mission Accomplished, this programme trained a new group of development researcher talent across the breadth of the UK with the aim of ensuring a pipeline of diverse, skilled and formally trained individuals in the role in unscripted TV.

Meet the cohort here.

Edit assistant/Technical operator – 21/22

Delivered by The Pipeline, this programme was designed to build the technical, creative, professional and personal skills needed for the roles of edit assistant and technical operator, among a group of existing postproduction runners, new entrants and transferers to unscripted TV across the UK.

Meet the cohort here.

Production coordinator – 21/22

Delivered by Media Career Advice, this programme covered key areas of the role, from setting up shoots and creating call sheets to copyright clearances and managing teams, preparing a group of new entrants and transferers for a career in production management. Individuals on the programme benefitted from multiple production placements over 12 months in a variety of genres in unscripted TV.

Meet the cohort here.

Producer – 21/22

Delivered by Gritty Talent this programme gave those working at AP and PD level the personal and professional skills and knowledge to take on more challenging projects with confidence.

Meet the cohort here.

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