Where the screen industries need skilled workers, 2019

Where the screen industries need skilled workers, 2019

Click here to enlarge the infographic. It is based on data taken from the  Annual ScreenSkills Assessment (2019)

Where the screen industry needs skilled workers
Skills shortages are identified across the UK, with Scotland (21%) and London (15%) mentioned as areas with most noticeable shortages. Shortages are least noticeable in the East (2%).

Some of the skills shortages identified
Examples of skills shortages are:

  • high-end TV: location manager
  • animation: animator
  • children’s TV: production accountant
  • games: technical artist
  • unscripted-TV: editor
  • film: grip
  • VFX: technical director

What employers have to say about impact of skills shortages
The impact of skills shortages includes:

  • increase to workload of other staff (71%)
  • makes it difficult to meet customer’s demand (60%)
  • makes it difficult to meet quality standards (54%)

How employers say they cope with skills shortages
Employers deal with skills shortages in the following ways:

  • recruit people at a lower skills level (57%)
  • increasing training of the workforce (47%)
  • increase salaries (46%)

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