Training in the screen industries, 2019

Training in the screen industries, 2019

Click here to enlarge the infographic. It is based on data taken from the  Annual ScreenSkills Assessment (2019)

Who is most likely to be offered training in the screen industries?
Screen professionals who are employed are more likely to be offered training than freelancers (84% versus 34%).

Professionals who have reached the ‘experienced’ career stage are most likely to receive training opportunities (36%), followed by those in the ‘early’ (34%), entrant (26%) and ‘expert’ (23%) stage of their careers.

Screen industry organisations are more likely to invest in new technology training than organisations in the wider UK economy (63% versus 48%).

Why employers say they can’t invest in training
Reasons employers give for a lack of investment in training include:

  • lack of financial resources (32%)
  • use of freelancers (24%)
  • the workforce is skilled enough (21%)

Ways employers try to develop their workforce
Employers do the following things to develop their workforce:

  • allow tasks to go beyond strict job roles and then provide feedback (64%)
  • encourage staff to spend time learning by watching others perform their job (59%)
  • provide supervision to guide employees over time (49%)

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