Employment in the UK screen industries, 2019

Employment in the UK screen industries, 2019

Click here to enlarge the infographic. It is based on data taken from the  Annual ScreenSkills Assessment (2019)

Employment in the screen industries
Many professionals working in the screen industries are self-employed:

  • film and TV production: of 71,000 professionals 50% are employed and 50% are freelancer
  • film and TV post-production: of 13,000 professionals 61% are employed and 39% are freelancer
  • film and TV programme distribution: of 9,000 professionals 92% are employed and 8% are freelancer
  • film exhibition: of 19,000 professionals 100% are employed
  • TV programming and broadcasting: of 56,000 professionals 88% employed and 12% are freelancer

Reason for working with freelancers
Employers give the following reasons for working with freelancers:

  • the short-term nature of projects makes freelancers the best fit (75%)
  • the temporary nature of the work (72%)
  • it allows them to find specific expertise (58%)

How often does your organisation work with freelancers?
The vast majority of organisations, 86%,  works with freelancers. Nearly half of these (47%) works very frequently with freelancers, 32% frequently, 47% occasionally, 15% rarely and 2% very rarely.

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