May 26 , 2020

Understanding remote feedback in animation/VFX for new entrants

  • When: 26th May 2020, 16:00-17:00
  • Organised by: ScreenSkills
  • Location: Online
  • Price: Free
  • Age: 18+

This event is for those working in entry level roles on animation productions in the UK.

Sessions aimed at HoDs will run on 11th May and 2nd June, sessions aimed at freelancers will run on 18th May and 9th June.

Animation and VFX have, as with any other industry, had to adapt to the new world of lockdown and allow remote-working where possible. As someone new to the industry, it’s an unsettling time – all the pipeline and production knowledge you gained at University or in your first couple of roles in the industry, may feel like a game of Jenga, the anxiety of one piece of the structure being pulled, could send the whole lot into a jumbled unstable mess!

Whilst we adjust, and accept that for many of us, remote working is likely to be the new normal, ScreenSkills are providing this 1 hour session to help you understand, translate and respond to remote feedback from your production. Where a quick ‘catch-up’ to look over work may have been appropriate pre-covid19, it’s important to remember, that whilst productions adapt, they’re also dealing with the other emotions and obstacles that work-from-home and the pandemic itself magnifies.

Kate Lander MIEP is an independent development coach, learning and development advisor in animation/TV/Film, and a Member of our Animation Skills Council. During the session,  she will give you some clear guidance on how to approach asking for, receiving, and responding to feedback in the right way, can put you firmly in control of your work, your time, and your motivation.

This session will be repeated on 16th June.

This event is supported by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund with contributions from UK animation productions.

This session will take place online via Zoom. Click ‘get ticket’ to reserve your place: you must login or register before you are able to get a ticket for this event. Before the start of the session, a joining link will be sent to you via email.

If you are no longer able to use your ticket, we ask you to please contact so that we can release your place. Our sessions are often oversubscribed, so we’d like to give other freelancers the opportunity to fill available spots. Thank you for your consideration.