Apr 29 , 2020

Skills2Film Facebook Live Webinar

  • When: 29th Apr 2020, 23:59-23:59
  • Organised by: ScreenSkills
  • Location: Online
  • Price: Free

Shooting an interview for a taster tape with available light? Or a sequence at night on the street? Or that all important ‘lit’ interview using what you’ve always understood to be ‘3 point artificial lighting’?
Jeremy Humphries, owner of Skills2Film and BBC trained documentary DoP, talks through how he lights a scene. How and when to use available and how to combine daylight with artificial sources. Jeremy talks about lighting interviews, interior scenes and nightime exteriors on streets. From using reflectors, to hard and soft sources, to shooting in cars at night and to lighting different skin tones, Jeremy illustrates with examples of his own work how he uses light to engage an audience and to enhance a story. And to come in on time and budget…


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