Apr 16 , 2019

ScreenSkills Guide to Funding with WFTV

  • When: 16th Apr 2019, 23:59-23:59
  • Organised by: ScreenSkills
  • Location: London
  • Price: Free
  • Age: 18+

How can you keep on top of your game in the fast-moving worlds of film and television? ScreenSkills, the skills and training body for UK screen, supports a range of programmes and offers bursaries to help with costs.

ScreenSkills executives Kaye Elliott, Director of High-end Television (HETV), and Hannah Corneck, Continuing Professional Development Lead for Film, will discuss what is available, joined by Jessica Hodges, a line producer/production manager who returned to the industry after a career break and has benefited from ScreenSkills’ HETV Make a Move scheme.

Kaye Elliott
Kaye provides overall direction for how the High-end TV Skills Fund is used and is the main point of contact for the High-end TV Council, who have ultimate accountability for the fund. Kaye is the department’s main spokesperson and you can contact her to find out about the strategy behind the levy fund, potential partnerships or collaborative opportunities and the High-end TV Skills Council and industry working groups.

Hannah Corneck
Hannah leads on continuing professional development (CPD) for the UK film industry. Continuing professional development – or CPD – is the secret to guaranteeing confidence in an up to date and cutting edge skillset. This is a phrase common in other industries but not in ours – until now. ScreenSkills is supporting the process of continuing professional development by identifying and signposting appropriate development to help fill skills gaps and job roles. Hannah has 30 years’ experience in TV production and is also a leadership trainer and executive coach. Her ambition is to commission high-quality training that empowers and inspires industry professionals to develop their confidence and their careers.

Jessica Hodges – Make a Move / Return to work scheme alumni
Jessica returned to the screen industry as a line producer/ production manager in 2017 following an extended career break. She had previously worked as a production company director – specialising in music videos, documentaries and multi-camera live recordings – but lost confidence in her abilities after taking time off to care for her family. She regained confidence in her skills after encouraging young people to get into the screen industry whilst working as a teacher. WFTV membership enabled her to get a first job back in and the ScreenSkills Make a Move scheme and bursaries have helped her further. She currently works as production executive at Tiger Aspect, looking after scripted comedy.

This event is for women in the film and television industry only, it is open to both members and non-members of WFTV. If you are not already a member and would like to join, please click here or email: admin@wftv.org.uk

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