What is Skills Passport?

The Skills Passport is a mark of quality for third-party courses listed on the ScreenSkills website. It is designed to support freelance professionals working in high-end TV and film to upskill and progress in their industry. Courses on our directory that are marked as Skills Passport have been quality checked by ScreenSkills and are endorsed by a panel of industry professionals. 

We use the findings from the ScreenSkills Barometer to ensure the courses listed are relevant and respond to current skills shortages and skills gaps within high-end TV and film.

Launched in 2018 by ScreenSkills' high-end TV department, the Skills Passport has now expanded to support production, craft and technical grades in both film and high-end TV.  We are actively working with production companies and heads of department across these industries to promote the importance of creating a sustainable UK workforce by supporting the continuing professional development of crew.

What courses are available?

Skills Passport quality-assures short courses in a wide variety of departments across production and craft and technical grades in both the high-end TV and film industries. Course topics range from budgeting and scheduling, working with children and period make-up to cinematography, costume design and working in the assistant director department.

Skills Passport bursaries

You can apply for a Skills Passport bursary towards the cost of your chosen short course. This is available for all courses that carry which are not otherwise subsidised by ScreenSkills. The bursary can go towards the training costs, accommodation, travel or childcare.

You can apply for the bursary if you are a freelance professional working in high-end TV or film, with a minimum of two industry credits. Please read our eligibility criteria and funding guidelines [PDF]before completing a bursary application.

Skills Passport training providers and accreditation

We are committed to working with training providers who provide high quality, industry-relevant courses, which support the continuing professional development of professional freelancers.

To be listed on the Skills Passport, training providers must first create an online profile with ScreenSkills Once approved the course will be submitted to our industry panel of working groups for discussion.  If endorsed, the course will then be listed on the Skills Passport directory and delegates will then be able to apply for a bursary to support their training on the course.

Got a question?

If you have a question about Skills Passport you can contact the Skills Passport Manager, Leanne Fairbrother, at: leanne.fairbrother@screenskills.com